Private Bunker Art collection

July 30, 2010
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The most outstanding art gallery in Berlin- is a former Bunker, a 5-store concrete cube tight in the middle of the city (near Friedrichstrasse)

Constructed in 1942 under the guidance of Hitler’s Chief architect, Albert Speer(who was so inspired by Palladio that the bunker  almost got decorated with marble from outside..) and served as a shelter for thousands of people during the WW II.  In the post-war times it was used consequently as a war prison and storage for tropical fruits (imported by DDR from friendly Cuba, so it was called “banana bunker!” ). Then it became a home for techno-raves and fetish parties, until they got shut down and finally the artists put their eye on the empty space.

The idea of showing art there attracted the advertisement magnate, Christian Boros, so in 2003 he bought the place and re-furbished it for his private art collection, which started from a piece by J Beuys bought at less than 20 German mark at the time. (” I like art which I do not understand from the first glance/../ with which I ‘d have to fight”C.B.)

Now on display there are works of 57 artists Kitty Kraus, Damien Hirst, Olafur Eliasson, Chris Martin, Daniel Pflumm, Santiago Sierra, Thomas Rehberger etc. Many of these art objects were created to fit into interior of the bunker, also bunker’s interiors  were considerably modified with the most modern cutting tools generating more space and connecting street light to this rather claustrophobic environment. Naturally in this enhanced darkness, many installations play with light,  employ light beaming, reflection and refraction.

The only part full of light is the glass aquarium-like penthouse  on the top where lives the collector himself.

To ponder on the modern art one can book a visit (be aware that the few available slots get sold out quickly)

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