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June 23, 2010
By admin

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XOOOOX has entered the scene with collages, but later he switched to the finest stencil technique. His works are to be seen in Hamburg, Paris, New York, Barcelona or Milano. After a particularly unfortunate clash with police he prefers keeping incognito status.

His delicate irony targets famous fashion brands such as Chanel, Guerlian or H&M (which he re-names to HIV), telling about transient world of luxurious consumption, which is in a way reflected in the world of street art. His fragile and melancholic models remind of illustrations for glossy magazines. XOOOOX is clearly a “purist” –by using minimum of colour and fine lines; his nickname is a manifestation of clear symmetry and simplicity. Some of his work are in “Circle Culture”.  (Gipsstr. 11). Here one can see  ХОООOХ  on site.

EMESS is associated with embellished characters from printed money enhanced by provocative  statements like „Eat the rich“, „Kill the poor“ etc.

His principle is to use the existing visual stimuli, re-working them, combining already present objects to present the unknown sides, instead of crowd the streets with the new ones. Actually his first installation made of environmental materials was wild life skull collection found in the nearest forests  in his childhood.

Another direction of his art is the opposition to mass-culture and mass-consume idols. Once he realized that the city’s center (Mitte) is on its way to becoming “trendy” and is getting suddenly populated by mass- market stores, EMESS ‘s response was the symbolic  “flag-ship” action- paste-ups with the flag ships (for which the images of old English ships were used) along the street. He, however, honestly admits that street artists often follow the mass-advertisement rules the attitude, which  they should, in fact, oppose.

His favorite colour is a naïve, easy to percept and same time irritating- provocative pink.  Some of his works are in the gallery ATM.

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