New life of Tempelhof

July 7, 2010
By admin

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Name of the first Berlin airport is connected to various events which are important for the world aviation. Here were demonstrated the record flights by one of American pioneer constractors, brothers Wright in early 19th century; Tempelhof was a biggest flight harbour in the 1920s and the building of the airport from 1934, a jewel of Nazi architecture, was the biggest in the world at a time. Tempelhof is also a cradle of  Lufthansa German company. Moreover, it is a symbol of divided Berlin, as it used to be the only “bridge” connecting West Berlin with the rest the world in the post-war times. The famous “Candy bombers” –coming to Tempelhof aircrafts, which dispatched small packages of sweets for children of Berlin can still be found in Schoenefeld airport, which offers a tourist attraction- a flight on such a plane.

Bitterly, one of the most important landmarks of Berlin was closed in October 2008, and re-opened as a huge public park. The date of opening- May the 8th (the end of WW II) was widely discussed in press..

Berlin authorities are still to figure out the future application of this present- fantastic grounds right in the middle of the city, waiting for a architecture guru with a  project to realize. The opposition movement “Reclaim Tempelhof” appeals to save Tempelhof from greedy investors, seeing only progressing stratification of the society if this generally very cheap in the recent past area will be sacrificed to construction of fancy lofts.

So far it is a huge area by roller-blading, roller- skiing, biking, grilling and bier-gardening– within the working hours and restricted areas.

Waste some time in the spooky undergrounds from the ex-terminal operational grounds from the Columbiadamm part; it feel like a trip in the 30s (better with the bike)  in anonymous tunnels and garages.

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