Game is Not Over (Space Invader)

September 7, 2010
By admin

Parisian astist Invador has dedicated his work to the first generation of video games. The main theme- space invadors, indeed, what they are supposed to do- is to invade spaces.. He is said to put the marks of the landscape in a way that if one connects the single spots with the line, the results is.. another space invader profile!..

He floods metropols with his pixellated pieces- around the world there are at least 2000 in more than 50 cities, in most of which there are at least 10. “50 is a good score”,-says the artist. Along in Paris there are more than 800!.. He had proudly invated even the HOLLYWOOD sign.  It is definitely a heavier business to run around with packs of tiles and special cement to glue them. And look at this meticulous process!

Invader’s another passion is depixillation of Rubiks cubes-  another source of mosaics for the artist, who employes them even to create a 3-Ds. For his “Rubikubism” creations Invader purchased some tens of thousands (mostly fakes, which are though just painted and not made wtih stickers as the real ones) toys.

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